How To Become Rich In Seven Steps?

How to become rich in seven steps; If you are wondering how to become wealthy, you are not alone, since the dream of wealth has exhausted most people since time immemorial. How to become rich is an issue that is certainly not easy and requires a lot of effort and perseverance. Before we go deeper into answering our question, you do not expect us to offer you a quick, deceptive solution such as profit advertising, Brazilian Shopping Center companies or even lottery ads. It will not be that simple, and if you think that such a path may get you rich, unfortunately let us tell you that you will only reach the dark circles of vigilance and anxiety.

The fact is that. To be rich, except to inherit a fortune or marry a luxurious family, the only answer is to make your own way of getting rich, bearing in mind that the more you start with greater vigor and at a younger age, the better and faster the results.

Brazilian Shopping Center
Brazilian Shopping Center

The golden rule of how to become wealthy is “either to have money, or to own it, but money and property rarely meet!” Saving is very necessary as a first step. Although we as a society work on the rule: “Fake it until you make it”, that is, as we say in Arabic, “Pretend to become apparent.” Here we mean borrowing. Many of us are burdened with loans that drain most of their income for many years, while the right option is to live a modest life with savings throughout these years. Make your rule in dealing with money is to spend less than you earn.

How to become rich

Make yourself a written financial plan:

Asking yourself how to become wealthy and even alone is not enough, you need a written practical plan that states that. As human development experts always say: If you do not have a “written” plan for 5 or 10 years from now, you do not think you’re ever planning. The written plan compels you to commit far more than those in your mind; they can be adjusted according to the circumstances and at every moment, which is worthless. Calculate what you protest to earn money, and how you will earn it.

Remember that writing a plan does not just mean writing the goal, it is the dream, the goals, the alternative options as well, all the possible scenarios for all the expected and unexpected circumstances, and how to interact with any of them to achieve your dream of wealth.

Saving and then saving and saving:

Saving first and foremost is the answer to your question of how to become rich. After writing your financial plan, you will start to invest to make money. Whatever the type of investment, make yourself strict rules on saving. For example, from each cash payment you receive, deduct 25% as savings on a bank account for your savings only. Do not underestimate the amount you will save today; you will soon realize how large these savings are. Make yourself an emergency fund, even if you face a financial crisis one day away from your savings account. You can follow many other methods that are mentioned in the Money Saving article.

Live at a lower level than your income:

Your commitment to this rule, keeping away from appearances and boasting will definitely benefit you in the future if you wonder how to become rich. No need to buy a house with a huge garden, or a luxury car as long as it will consume all your savings right now. Do not bother buying expensive brands of clothing, electronics, sunglasses or jewelry. All this goes away to his wealth as soon as you buy him, and his debts come back to your accounts with loss. Even if you can afford it, the money is first to save, and as you reach your dream of wealth you can begin to spend, but also with patience and wisdom.

Place credit cards aside:

Keep away from credit cards as much as you can, and as a rule, what you can not pay for in 2-3 months is not to be bought with a credit card. As mentioned in the first article, borrowing burdens you and your bank account as well. If you do not have enough cash, just refrain from buying if you are wondering how to become rich.

Make money working for your account:

Instead of working to make money make money working for you .. Try to invest your money so that it increases over time, without you needing to waste your time in it. For example, you can buy shares in a certain company, and depending on the proportion of your partnership will be the returns from profits.

Create your own project:

In the “Millionaire in Neighbor” book, two-thirds of the world’s millionaires work for themselves, in their own businesses, 75% of them as business people, and the rest are specialists such as accountants and doctors. The idea that the inheritance of money has made you rich does not have that spark that was old, as the book said, money often comes through projects and business.

What is disappointed by the consultant:

Using a financial specialist or a professional economic planner will help you to make money and get rid of the wrong options within your cash plan. Not necessarily hiring one but maintaining good relationships with business and financial professionals will benefit you greatly in getting the advice and guidance you will need.

After Saving?
To achieve the goal of saving, you must protect your money from yourself and there are many ways to do so, most notably:

If you have to go to the bank to get your money saved, this will give you more time to think before you take this step and will make these funds less likely to spend.
If you think your partner is better at spending management, you should seriously consider giving him control over your savings.
Put your money in deposits or mutual funds so that you can only recover them by applying and such an order will create a barrier to keep your money.

HB Swiss How To Start A Small Project And Market for it?

HB Swiss How To Start A Small Project And Market for it? Many of us dream of becoming a private legitimate, through which we can develop ourselves and improve our standard of living and bring a lot of money so that he can live A good life. Many of us have a great burden and endless commitments. These commitments need the money so that they can accomplish it. To be achieved through many ways one of these HB Swiss methods is to own a project, so we will explain in this article how you can create a project and what steps are necessary for this and also ways to market the HB Swiss products and goods that will be produced.

small project

How to Start a Small Business:

1. One of the most important things that you should be interested in when thinking about the beginning of a project is to be a project within your HB Swiss knowledge and knowledge of the field in which you will work in order to simplify development in a faster way, but you should not receive because the financial income at the beginning is not satisfactory because of salaries Employees or expenses on the same project do not feel you get the money but with continuous development and hard work will see the results after a period of time, depending on your work in the project and the extent of your development.

HB Swiss
HB Swiss

2. Choosing the right market for your competition You do not want to choose a market for strong competitors because you will not be able to compete with them, especially since the project is in the beginning, but it is preferable to choose a small competition market at the outset and to expand with time and develop your own business so that you get good revenue.

3. A good feasibility study for the HB Swiss project, meaning that you must identify all the money that you will spend for this project. You must also set a specific time for the project. You should also set up marketing funds for the project and products that you will produce. The parts that carry a high cost in the feasibility study in general.

Notes When you start your HB Swiss project:

1. You must be patient because any project at the beginning does not make much money, but measuring the success of any company in the first full year is that the revenue is equal to the expenses and with the continuous development of the project will increase revenues for expenses and thus will achieve the success that you were dreaming.

2. Do not prefer to borrow for the beginning of the project because you will feel that you will not get any profits because all the income will be spent in the payment of these loans, so it is preferable to start your project with capital available to you currently does not require that the project is large at the beginning but must diligence and full time to You can develop and expand and get the money you want.

3. You can ask for financing from some investors to start the project, which is against a certain percentage of profit and will not happen unless the project is guaranteed and the feasibility study is sound to the extent that it can convince the investor who will invest with you.

How to shop for the project:

There are some ways through which the marketing of your project and also there are ways are not quite expensive and then you will get the largest number of followers of the project and products that produce and if they are impressed certainly will buy, these methods are:

1. Free advertising sites: There are some sites on the Internet that allow you to put an announcement for your project in it and then will watch and follow many people and these sites have become widespread and large these days. All you have to do is search for free ads.

2. Create a blog for the project: In most cases it is free and this is in case if you can not create a website for the project, but the blog should appear professionally so that it gets the admiration of your followers, in addition to all your products, The location of the project must be determined so that people know about it.

3. Create a mailing list for the project: Customers should know everything that is new in the project to encourage them to benefit from the services and products that they produce and provide them, as well as their importance and how they can be used.

5. Social networking sites: Most of the world is now involved in social networking sites such as Facebook and a lot of similar sites. You can create free pages and reach as many customers as you can through it and then shop directly for them.

6. Communicate with the Chambers of Commerce: They are rooms that allow you to communicate and also reach as many people as possible, as they speak in many Arab and foreign markets, also can provide educational offers to you and financial support provided that you study the conditions first, Lots of marketing skills and how to deal with customers.


We have explained how to start a profitable small business and also some observations that you should keep in mind that you should do so that the project has the greatest possible access to your potential customers, as well as some of the marketing methods that you can follow. Of the products or services you provide.

How to become a successful trader by steps

Trade is one of the most important sources of income in ancient and modern times and over the ages. Nine tenths of income are considered in this profession, where it is considered the profession of the rich and find the richest companies and the most influential people depend on trade. In ancient times, he was called a merchant, but now he is called a business man. We will show you in this article 6 steps that will help you start your career in trade until you become a successful trader.

Six steps to becoming a successful trader

How to Become a Dealer

1. Select the domain

You have to specify the field that you want to specialize in the trade where the fields of trade is wide and multiple and you have to choose one to specialize and proficiency and determine why you chose this area without other areas available and why limited to providing this quality of products without others.

2. Field study

You have to study this field and know all the details and study the negative and positive and how to succeed and to study the market and its needs for these services and products and to study competitors well and determine their strengths and weaknesses and to make yourself the advantage of distinguishing all your competitors to excel them and to make your star and have a name in this area This trade.

3. Job opportunity

In order to be a successful trader try to get a job in the same field as this will put you in the heart of the event and will give you the opportunity to identify your prospective customers and how to deal with them and understand the methods and volatility of the market for this trade and how to avoid the risks and obstacles in this trade, Mistakes others to avoid wasting your money and start a strong start.

4. Capital

Often young people put HB Swiss Review capital as an obstacle to their hopes and aspirations but it is not a big obstacle if you take the steps as described and in the order where you after the field and study and work for a period of time you will have a great experience on the field so you can convince your relatives and friends and your interest in the feasibility of this HB Swiss Binary project and the gains Expected to be implemented but will also be able to convince HB Swiss investors and venture capitalists to invest in your project. You will then have the ability to be a partner with experience and management and are partners in the HB Swiss capital and determine their percentage of profits.

It is not necessary to start your project with a large HB Swiss capital, but you have to start with the amount needed by the project only so as not to be too risky and to serve as a test of your experience in running a project in this area and when you find that things are fine you can increase the size of your business as you can customize Mice profits to grow your business size and expand your business.

5. Marketing, selling and communication skills

In order to be a successful trader you also have to acquire marketing skills, sales and communication skills so that you can build good relationships with those who deal with you and you can convert them from a buyer to a customer and then a permanent customer and that you can build bridges of trust between you and your customers to gain their trust and loyalty and be for you marketers and not customers Just as it helps you to expand your network of customers, which helps you to spread quickly with minimal effort.

6. Implementation phase

You have to prepare yourself well before you start your project you have to prepare yourself well for this project and to develop plans for development and development and how to make it your source of livelihood and source of happiness and be part of your entity to achieve your success.


Make your project your child and raise it and give it all your interest and thinking so that you can install yourself between your competitors and you have patience until you see the fruits of your success All large projects started small until the success of what we see now so you have to be patient and perseverance and be the same long All this makes you a successful trader.

All steps taken to become a successful trader are basic steps and each part of them carries a lot of other steps that you will recognize by virtue of starting work with Hans Berger At HB Swiss and implementing the steps mentioned.